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Anti Bullying

What is bullying?

A repeated negative action intentionally meant to hurt others that could be any of the following: 


Hurtful words, offensive language, swearing or discriminatory language


Isolating someone, rumours, sharing someone’s secrets, cyber-bullying, damaging/taking someone’s property and physical intimidation.


Hurting someone intentionally, kicking, punching, pinching, spitting, slapping

Anti-bullying feedback from students

Through our Anti-bullying workshops and during our Anti-bullying ambassador training courses our students have earnt a lot and taken on lots of feedback.

Some of the things we have changed:

  • Bullying Awareness workshops to educate instead of just punishing
  • Amended our blue bullying logs to be more relevant
  • Updated our reporting form to ensure accurate detail
  • Sanctions for bullying and the removal of privileges

Preventing bullying in our academy.

  • Pupils Advising Listening and Supporting group
  • Prefects in Year 10 and Year 11
  • Trained Anti-bullying student ambassadors
  • SAFE Team text number and email to report incidents or bullying
  • Anti-bullying assemblies
  • Regular checks on students that have experienced bullying
  • Proactive reporting process for students to inform staff
  • Welfare Days delivered in Tutor Time
  • Restorative conversations between students
  • Regular training and updated for teaching and support staff