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Progress 8 (Explained in 3 minutes)
GCSE grades in England are changing

Reporting on Student Progress

Student progress is measured against their GCSE target (expected) grade 9 to 1 in all year groups. These targets are based upon Key Stage 2 attainment and created following the use of FFT Aspire. Students are continually assessed on progress to date and given feedback on how to improve as an integrated part of teaching and learning.

Students are continually assessed on a variety of levels and through varied methods. Parents are informed termly of their your child’s progress. Year 11 Parents receive this same information Half Termly.

Alongside the attainment grades, students are given an Attitude to Learning Grade (ATL). 1 - Excellent, 2 -Good, 3- Satisfactory, 4 - Poor. Progress Leaders and Progress Tutors will discuss these ATLs alongside attainment in Progress Conversations in Tutor Time. These follow every data collection.

Interventions will be put in place to support students that are not making expected progress or that are demonstrating a poor average ATL. 

The success of students at Wayland Academy is the result of a three-way partnership between the academy, parent and the student.

The home/academy agreement is a critical link in this process.

Students achieve most success when there is an appropriate level of communication between student, academy and home and we appreciate your continued support in this matter. 

All information on students' Attendance, Progress and Behaviour is communicated via the SIMS Learning Gateway. Data related to students' progress will be uploaded termly. Data on attendance and behaviour is live and updated daily. Parents can access progress reports on their child’s achievement, progress and Attitude to Learning. 

Parents, students or teachers are welcome to raise any concern about an individual’s progress at any time with the respective Progress Leader (Head of House) or Head of Faculty.

If you feel concerned about anything at all to do with your child’s learning, please contact the academy immediately and we will try to help with that concern.


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