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Attendance at Wayland Academy

We recognise at Wayland Academy that excellent attendance is inextricably linked to attainment, pupils with low attendance will find it more difficult to reach their potential. Our ambition is to achieve 100% attendance and this is underpinned by our core value of improving life chances through education.

We pride ourselves on pushing for very high levels of attendance throughout all Year groups and have developed a staged approach to Attendance the clearly demonstrates support and action in place to promote excellent attendance:

Stage Action


A culture of outstanding Attendance is promoted at the Academy via assemblies, rewards, transition events with primaries, communication with home and regular meetings between Attendance Team and Pastoral Team.

Stage 1

Every day

Monitoring of absence and communication with Home, student and Progress Tutors to ensure relevant information and evidence is passed to Attendance.

Follow up on medium-term illness.

Stage 2

Emerging: 95% or equivalent attendance

Pastoral conversation between Attendance, Pastoral Team and student.

Attendance monitored and “Attendance concern letter” sent home if there is no improvement.

Stage 3

Potential PA (Persistent Absence): 92% or equivalent attendance

Students highlighted by Attendance and a pastoral conversation takes place with the student plus Attendance coordinate a phone call home.

Stage 4

PA: 90% and below or equivalent

Analysis by Attendance of reasons/issues and potential qualification for FPN or Fast Track.

Cases qualifying for Fast Track could move directly to Stage 6 under guidance from NCC. Academy based panel meeting to look at interventions to support improvement including the use of outside agencies.


Stage 5

Grave concern: 80% and below or equivalent

Cases could move directly to Stage 6 under guidance from NCC. Continued review of support for a family to improve attendance (including external agencies) and review of evidence to prevent progression to Stage 6.

Stage 6


File processed  and passed to NCC to begin prosecution process.

Please be aware that this overview is a guide to the types of intervention and action taking place at the various stages of Attendance. Each Attendance case is reviewed individually and will have a unique set of circumstances which the Academy will examine.

Our aim remains to support families and students in order to achieve outstanding attendance as this is tantamount to each student fulfilling their potential.

If you have any queries or concerns please call us and ask to speak to the Academy Attendance Officer.

WAN attendance team- Helen Thomas on 01953 881514 ext. 202 or email