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Concerns can normally be dealt with on an informal basis.

If parents have a concern, they should:

  • Raise the concern verbally with the member of staff or, if more appropriate, the Subject Leader or Line Manager as soon as possible
  • Allow Wayland Academy sufficient time to investigate and respond

When does the concern become a complaint?

  • When there is serious concern that cannot be resolved in an informal way
  • When a concern is strong enough to require the use of formal procedure eg. the health & safety of students are perceived to be at risk

If a concern becomes a complaint, then at this stage it becomes formal.

Complaints in the following areas have separate procedures:

  • Admission to Wayland Academy
  • Exclusion of students from Wayland Academy
  • Statutory assessment of Special Educational Needs
  • Complaints about the curriculum, including religious education and collective worship

General principles

  • The complaints procedure works sequentially
  • The views of everyone concerned should be both heard and valued
  • Confidentiality applies to all complaints
  • Full, confidential written records will be kept at all stages of the complaints procedure
  • Brief, summary details of all formal complaints will be kept in the Complaints Log by the PA to the Principal; this will indicate whether they were resolved at the preliminary stage or whether they proceeded to a panel hearing.
  • The needs and interests of the whole Wayland Academy community needs to be considered alongside those of individual students
  • Wayland Academy staff will keep to the timescales outlined

Further information is in the attached Complaints Policy

To make a complaint please contact Mr Dean Rosembert, Deputy Principal, on 01953 881514 extension 208 or email

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