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Gifted & Talented Programme

What can you expect if you are highlighted as a Gifted or Talented student at Wayland Academy?


We want to ensure that students are pushing their gift or talent to its full potential. Whether it is in the area of academia, sport or another field, students should expect to be challenged in lessons by subject teachers.

Each subject area has a member of staff, a champion, dedicated to supporting the progress of G&T students. We want you to stretch your gift or talent and make the most of it.

We, on occasion, will offer opportunities outside of the classroom to enhance your skills. This is always on a voluntary basis.

We will offer you the opportunity to visit universities such as Cambridge and the UEA. We have links to other schools such as Gordonstoun in Scotland that offer exciting alternatives for 6th Form.
We offer a range of extra curricula opportunities if you are interested, as well as individual mentoring in Key Stage 4.

Being Gifted or Talented at Wayland Academy is not a chore but, a challenge, and we are here to support students in that challenge.

So make the most of every opportunity and enjoy being Gifted and Talented.