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Inclusion Unit

The Inclusion Unit encompasses many different aspects of Academy life; its main objective is to support students. Students may find themselves in the Inclusion Unit for many different reasons for example; to correct a uniform issue, to receive 1:1 pastoral support, to reflect on a behaviour concern, for a safeguarding reason or to report an incident. The staff in the IU will work closely with our students to ensure positive wellbeing and academic progress.

If our Academy rules; Ready, Respectful, Safe are not followed students will begin the behaviour for learning pathway and as a result they will attend detentions arranged by the IU. ClassCharts is used by staff, students and parents/carers to monitor behaviour and reinforce our high expectations. If a student receives 2 red cards or -9 points in a week they will spend a day in the IU. Staff in the IU will also investigate any other incidents that may happen around the Academy and as a result students may spend time in the IU. On rare occasions and if required the IU will arrange a SLT Inclusion, this would involve a student spending time with a member of SLT instead of being in the IU. Parents/carers are contacted by text message if a student receives a red card and by phone/email if there are other concerns.

The IU will work with our SEN department, Progress Leaders, Heads of Faculty, Senior Leaders and parents/carers when there are concerns with students. The focus will always be the wellbeing and progress of the student.

Staff in the IU will also look out for students who go above and beyond. These students may be given a positive point on ClassCharts or even be nominated for Hot Chocolate Friday with the Principal.

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