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Key Stage 4 Homework

In Key Stage 4, individual subjects set homework based upon the stage of the course, relevant topics or for an assessment. All homework will be linked to the GCSE or equivalent qualification that they are studying. 

It is expected that each subject will set homework a minimum of once a fortnight with all Homework being recorded on ClassCharts.

Due to the nature of some courses, homework may be set more for certain subjects, such as subjects that include and element of Controlled Assessment (Coursework). It is also expected that Year 10 and 11 students use applications and websites such as GCSEpod, Seneca Learning or the PiXL app to consolidate learning. We actively use these resources in lesson and during Tutor Time therefore, your child should know how to use them at home.

Please do not hesitate to contact your child's Progress Tutor if you have any issue regarding this.