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KS3 Home Learning Projects (HLPs)

What are HLPs?

We believe homework is a valuable and essential part to the learning of all of our students and as such, it is extremely important that homework is set regularly, is completed and that feedback is given. We set Home Learning Projects (HLPs) which are project/task based home learning activities that encourage students to work independently and allow them to explore ideas and areas of interest that may not have been explored in depth before.

Independent learning can be described as practicing a set of skills which a student can use in order to become more competent in their learning. Research shows that independent learning tasks reinforce and extend the curriculum, enhance skills, give students a sense of achievement and are vital life skills for young people.

It is the intention that HLPs will provide opportunities for independent learning so that we can give our students every opportunity to succeed, to make great progress and to prepare them for their lives beyond Wayland Academy Norfolk. It is also a great opportunity for KS3 students to acquire the skills that will be required by the newly reformed GCSEs.

All students in Year 7, 8 and 9 are set HLPs in the majority of their subjects.

Homework projects are expected to take 5 hours to complete and will be the only homework set by that subject.

However there are some exceptions to this:

  • English – in response to feedback from parents, English will be setting a two hour projects each half term.
  • Design Technology and Art – In addition to the HLP they may set small pieces of additional homework during the year, these will take no than 10 minutes to complete.
  • Physical Education – will set a project which is two and half hours in duration.
  • Modern Foreign Languages – will set a two and a half hour project and in addition to regular vocabulary homework.

Our aims:

  • To set tasks which engage and challenge students to achieve
  • To give students opportunities to explore ideas and areas of interest
  • To provide opportunities for peer and/or self-assessment
  • To ensure students are given clear feedback in order to enable them to progress

The structure of HLPs

For each HLP, students will receive a booklet or task sheet. These will also be available on Classcharts. There will be a proforma at the beginning which will outline the key aims/objectives and the expectations of the task. Within the booklets there will be opportunities for students to challenge themselves, to focus on their literacy/numeracy and to assess their progress. At the back of each booklet will be the Academy’s marking proforma which is standardised across all subjects and will help to deliver consistency within marking.

What will HLPs include?

HLPs may include a variety of different tasks, depending on the subject, content, skills required and the scheme of work.

Some examples might be:

  • Researching a particular area and then using the information to create a resource
  • Completing a piece of work in connection with classwork which will then inform assessment
  • Answering questions based on information given in class
  • Answering a ‘key question’ with an open choice of how students respond
  • Keeping a diary

When are HLPs set?

HLPs are available online, all homework will be recorded on Classcharts. (A paper copy can also be made available on request).

The two week slot shows when HLPs must be submitted for marking. Teachers may choose to set the HLP several weeks before this. Because of the varied nature of time tabling, it is impossible to set a specific deadline for the whole year group(s).

How can homework be accessed?

Homework can be accessed by teachers, students and parents in the following ways:

  • A personalised homework calendar is available for all users including students and parents using the Classcharts website and login in details.
  • There are iPhone and Android apps available for free for students and parents.
  • The Classcharts service is available and works on all devices using a modern browser such as IE 8+, Safari, Chrome and Firefox.
  • All staff members will have a log-in for Classcharts. This allows teachers to set homework and also the facility to show when homework has been handed in, and the mark awarded for the homework. 


  • If they fail to hand in their homework or it is not completed to an acceptable standard they will be awarded negative points. These homework sanctions will be logged in ClassCharts and could trigger a Behaviour Tracker.   
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