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Duke of Edinburgh is Back at WAN

The academy is pleased to announce that after a break of a few years we are once again going to be offering this amazing scheme to pupils.  The scheme helps develop young people in lots of ways and many employers look favourably upon candidates who have one or more levels of the award as the award teaches children to be self-reliant, active and dependable.

The award has 4 sections (Skill, Sport, Volunteering, Expedition) which the pupils will need to complete to gain their award. I am writing to you as a parent/carer of a year ten to invite you to presentation evening to discuss the scheme and talk about why your child should take part and the commitment that entails.

Whilst there are three levels to the award Bronze , Silver and Gold (Where you get to go to the palace to collect your award!) as an academy we have decided to offer only the silver award at present. This takes a year and your child will have completed the award by Christmas of year eleven giving them time to concentrate on their revision for the final exams.

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