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Course description 

All students will experience a rich and diverse Art provision which offers students the opportunity to experiment with a wide range of materials, media and processes. Creativity is the foundation of learning in Key Stage 3 and students will develop their technique and skill into Key Stage 4.

Key Stage 3 

Core skills are taught throughout out KS3and are built into all projects. Students will complete 1-2 projects a year, the projects that students complete are.

Mark making: Students will explore mark making as a starting point to build and develop their core skills. Students will learn about various skills and implement these into their work to create unique and imaginative final pieces.

Artists and Design Movement: Students will study the methods and approaches of artists, designers, cultures and Art movements of the past and present. They will then produce a final piece in the style of a chosen artist or movement.

Key Stage 4 

AQA GCSE Art and Design. 

Students will study topics/skills through Projects, the projects that students complete are;

Illustration, Forgery and Collections. Students will also complete a project based on the Exam theme that is released in March of the exam year to students.


The course is 50% Controlled Assessment and 50% Internally set exam


At KS3 homework will be set on Show my homework as a HLP in accordance to the Academy’s policy.

At KS4 Students will be required to complete work as directed by the teacher, there is a strong emphasis of students working independently at KS4.

Books, Equipment, Materials and Resources Recommended/Needed 

The basic Academy will provide the equipment needed for students to complete their work in lessons, however, students may wish to purchase additional items; these can be purchased through the school at cost; a list can be provided by their Teacher. 

KS4 Students will be expected to purchase at least three Sketch books during their studies

Opportunities for Study beyond Key Stage 4 

Art can be studied at College, 6th Form or through apprenticeships 

Career Opportunities Supported By This Subject 

Artist, Designer, Teacher, Illustrator, Publisher,