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The TEN Group

The TEN Group is a federation of educational institutions in Norfolk, all committed to excellence in education. Established by City College Norwich in 2012, the Group currently consists of:

  • City College Norwich
  • University Technical College Norfolk
  • Wayland Academy Norfolk
  • Wayland Junior Academy Watton
  • Fakenham Academy Norfolk
  • Attleborough Academy Norfolk

At the core of the TEN Group is a passion for making a positive and significant difference to our students’ lives. By working together, we are committed to providing greater opportunities for our students, as well as aiming high to achieve success both as a Group and as each individual organisation.

We are all passionate about student success and share the same values of:

  • placing the student at the centre of all that we do
  • driving up educational standards and outcomes for our students
  • ensuring that our students are fully prepared for the future and next steps in their chosen careers
  • ensuring that we develop our students into individuals who are resilient and capable of responding to an uncertain future
  • developing as learning institutions,sharing our best practice with one another and developing the Group so that it becomes more than just the sum of its parts

Telephone: 01603 773 302
Address: Thetford Building, City College Norwich, Ipswich Road, Norwich, NR2 2LJ

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